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Internal Quality Advisory Committee (IQAC)

Student Council

Gender Harassment Cell

Anti-Ragging Cell

Established in June 1962, J.D. Birla Institute is celebrating its 50th year in service to higher education.

In acknowledgement of its continuous quest for excellence and self-improvement and the exemplary standards it has stringently set and maintained through the decades, the UGC has recently approved the grant of autonomy to the Institute.

Earlier, in 2010, J.D. Birla Institute was awarded the highest possible grading of 'A' by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). The Institute has voluntarily sought a NAAC rating since 2004.

The Institute and all its departments are affiliated to Jadavpur University, a world-renowned Centre of Excellence. The co-educational Department of Management was established in response to the needs and demands of changing times. It is housed in the Institute's Satellite Campus which is conveniently located near Minto Park in the heart of the city at L.N. Birla Building, 1 Moira Street, Kolkata 700017.

In just a decade, the Department of Management has gained recognition as a premier undergraduate educational institution and its BBA (Hons.) course is ranked among one of the best in eastern India.

Develop leaders of change who would distinguish themselves in the national and global arenas.

To develop and nurture an environment which will create future generation of business professionals who will lead national and international industry and trade in the most ethical and eco-friendly manner.

A Board of Studies comprising of the Director, faculty members, external experts, and representatives from industry oversees and updates the syllabus, the academic policies and rules and periodically examines the quality of teaching and learning in the Department of Management. In addition, academic council also takes reviews of college wise academic matters periodically and provides guidance.

In May 2004, the Institute created an Internal Quality Advisory Committee to:
  • periodically assess the efficacy and quality of all aspects of J.D. Birla Institute's areas of operation
  • identify aspects that require re-thinking, development or improvement
  • ensure continuous self-assessment and upgrading in every sphere of our functioning

The IQAC is headed by the Principal and includes representatives from the management and heads of the different academic and administrative units.


The Student Council consists of 2 elected class representatives per section. A total of 12 students form the student council. The entire student body, however, is encouraged to participate and to take ownership of all co- and extra- curricular activities of the Institute.


The Supreme Court of India has defined sexual harassment as, inter alia, any unwelcome physical, verbal / non-verbal conduct being sexual in nature. Students must be gender sensitive and refrain from any verbal or non-verbal act that may be perceived as sexual harassment. Any student found guilty of such conduct shall be dealt with severely as per the law. J.D. Birla Institute, Department of Management has a Gender Harassment Redressal Cell comprised of the Director, Student Counseller and a faculty member


J.D. Birla Institute, Department of Management requires all students as well as their parents or guardians to familiarize themselves thoroughly with the Supreme Court of India directives against ragging as followed in the UGC regulations. Students are requested to cooperate with us in the implementation of these regulations. Accordingly, every student must sign a declaration that they will not indulge in ragging others and also that they will report any instance of ragging against them to the authorities. In compliance with the UGC rules and regulations, the Institute has an Anti-Ragging Committee comprised of the Director, 6 section coordinators and the Administrative Officer. The Monitoring Cell on Ragging includes the Director, Student Activities Coordinator, PR Officer and 2 faculty members. The Anti-Ragging Squad is constituted of 4 student nominees from each section.